Yes! Please follow the steps below on how to use the Data Import feature to assign existing image URLs to your products.

Note: Images uploaded via Data Import can be overwritten by an Import Product Images sync.

1. Go to the upper right-hand corner and click on your business name.

2. Select Data Import from the drop-down menu.

3. Beside Type of data you want to import, select Update Product Image.

4. Download the example file.

5. Edit the example file or create a CSV file that matches the example template.

  • The required columns are SKU and URL.

Note:  This is not an image upload process. The image must already exist on the internet.

  • This CSV file will need to contain external URLs to product images.
  • The external URLs to images should be publicly accessible (not behind a login).
  • Image URLs can be accessed by right-clicking on an image and selecting Open Image in New Tab. Please see the example below:

6. Upload the file using the drag and drop feature or select file from your computer. Select Verify Columns after confirming the column titles are correctly mapped.

7. Check the Product Detail page and you’ll see the image associated with the item in Ordoro.

Note: These images upload in Ordoro are not exported to your sales channel.

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