Yes! Product categories in BigCommerce will import for newly created products in Ordoro. To learn how to import products to Ordoro, see this support article.

NOTE: Product Categories are only saved when the item is initially imported to Ordoro. If a Category is added in BigCommerce after the product imports to Ordoro, this is not updated.

In these cases, Categories can be added manually to products in Ordoro. See this support article to learn how to add Categories to products in Ordoro.

How to import a Category for a product in BigCommerce

Here is a newly created SKU in BigCommerce. This SKU is under the Category: Movies.

When this product is created for the first time in Ordoro, the Category will be saved on the Product Detail page.

Multiple Categories

If a BigCommerce product has multiple Categories, these will also import to Ordoro. In the example below, the item is in Categories: Movies and DVD.

Notice both Categories are saved in Ordoro as a comma-separated list.