When you try to archive a sku, you may see the following error message.

This error occurs because the SKU you’re trying to archive is part of a kit.

In the screenshot above, the SKU predator-cleats is part of a kit. And therefore, that sku cannot be archived. Here is why –

  • Once you define a kit using parent and child SKUs, those SKUs must be active for the kit to be valid.
  • Therefore, Ordoro will not allow you to archive any SKU that is part of a kit.

To archive the SKU, you will need to remove the SKU from the kit structure. See the below.

  1. Search for the kit SKU. In the example above, it’s the SKU soccer-bundle.
  2. Once you find this product, click on its name to go to the Product Detail page.
  3. Select the Kit Options tab.
  4. Delete the kit component from the kit.

Once the sku is no longer part of the kit, it can be archived.

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