When you try to archive a sku, you may see the following error message

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 10.24.30 AM

This error occurs because you are trying to archive a sku that is part of a kit.

In the screenshot above, the sku 11111 is part of a kit. And therefore, that sku cannot be archived. Here is why –

  • Once you define a kit using parent and child skus, those parent and child skus need to be active for the kit to remain valid
  • If you archive one of the skus in a kit, then the kit becomes invalid
  • Therefore, Ordoro will not allow you to archive any sku that is part of a kit

If you really want to archive that sku, here is what you should do –

  • Remove that sku from the kit structure (Update the kit structure and delete the linkage of that sku from the kit)
  • Since the sku is not part of the kit anymore, you can now archive that sku

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