What are Harmonized Tariff Schedule Codes?

Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HS) codes are created by the World Customs Organization to help countries identify all items that are being shipped in and out of their country. The harmonized tariff schedule code classifies and organizes the products and is used across the majority of countries for various customs and tariff purposes. You can add the HS code to your Customs declaration form for international shipments with USPS Endicia and Pitney Bowes. Please click here to search for your product’s harmonized code.

How do I input the HS code in Ordoro?

You can easily input your HS code in Ordoro when creating your shipping labels via USPS Endicia or Pitney Bowes. Please follow the instructions below.

1. In the Shipping Label module, please select Additional Details.

2. Select on Edit Declarations.

3. Fill in your Harmonized Code in the Edit Customs Declarations and select Save and Return.

4. Click Create Label

Your USPS shipping label will have the HS Tariff number field populated in the Customs Declaration.

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