Filing a claim is quick and easy with X Delivery. Before you begin the claim process, it is important to identify the type of claim you would like to submit – lost in transit vs. damaged AND freight (50+ shipments) vs. parcel (individual tracking number).

What makes a shipment eligible to file a claim?

X Delivery can reimburse claims filed due to damages, lost in transit, or suspect of being stolen. X Delivery can reimburse you the total shipping costs for these.

  • Damaged is when the recipient receives the freight with damage that is visible upon delivery. This is one of the more common forms of shipment claims.
  • Lost in transit occurs when it is picked up but never delivered. Freight claims can be filed when freight is lost somewhere in the transit process.

Note – X Delivery is not responsible for the following situations:

  • Tracking numbers that have not been scanned into the transit system
  • Shipment issues that occur prior to reaching the carrier (including issues due to poor packaging or missing/damaged items)
  • Shipments suspected of being tampered with by the recipient

How do I file a claim?

X Delivery provides two types of claim forms – individual or bulk. The individual form will allow you to file a claim for a single tracking number. Their bulk form allows you to file a claim for a batch of tracking numbers in one submission. Whether you file an individual or bulk claim, the data needed to complete the form submission form is the same.

The following information is required when filing a claim:

  • Tracking number(s)
  • Shipment date(s)
  • Package contents
  • Claim type(s)
  • Value of contents/claim(s)
  • Additional documentation – photos (of damages), packing slips (proof of value), etc.

Claims must be filed within 30 business days of delivery. Once you have completed the appropriate form with the information above, you will submit the document to

When am I reimbursed for a claim?

The X Delivery team will file the claim(s) on your behalf and estimate to have it resolved within 14 business days. If they are unable to resolve the claim within that time frame, they will provide you with a reason for the delay. X Delivery reserves the right to investigate claims and ask for additional pictures, documents, and other forms of proof requested by the carrier.