When you start an Ordoro account and add your first Warehouse, Ordoro will attempt to generate a complimentary USPS postage account. You may run into an error while this happens. If you are unable to create a USPS account in Ordoro, you likely just need to update your warehouse address (Click here for instructions).

Why your address may not be valid for a USPS postage account:

  • Mail cannot be delivered to this warehouse address.
  • USPS could not validate this warehouse address.
  • Your warehouse address is already tied to a USPS account.
  • Your warehouse has not been set up in Ordoro.
  • Your warehouse address is not in the US.
  • You are using a PO Box as your warehouse address.

To resolve this issue, you’ll want to ensure that you’re using a physical ship-from address within the United States. If you are using a PO box or have an address that does not receive mail delivery, then you’ll want to use the address of your Post Office where you drop off your mail.

If you are still having trouble setting up your USPS account, contact the Ordoro support team at support@ordoro.com, or call 512.271.9453 ext 3.