By default Ordoro only imports orders from BigCommerce with the following statuses:

  • Awaiting Pick Up
  • Awaiting Shipment
  • Awaiting Fulfillment

But let’s say you want to ship only part of an order or before it has been paid in full, what then? No worries, we won’t stand in your way. Just let us know which additional order statuses you would like to add to the list of orders imported into Ordoro. Just choose from the following list and shoot us an email, and we will be right on it:

  • Pending — customer placed items in their cart, but has not gone through the checkout process
  • Awaiting Payment — customer has completed checkout process, but payment has yet to be confirmed
  • Awaiting Fulfillment — customer has completed the checkout process and payment has been confirmed
  • Awaiting Shipment — order has been pulled and packaged, and is awaiting collection from a shipping provider
  • Awaiting Pickup — order has been pulled, and is awaiting customer pickup from a seller-specified location
  • Partially Shipped — only some items in the order have been shipped, due to some products being pre-order only or other reasons
  • Completed — order has been shipped/picked up, and receipt is confirmed; client has paid for their digital product and their file(s) are available for download
  • Shipped — order has been shipped, but receipt has not been confirmed; seller has used the Ship Items action
  • Cancelled — seller has cancelled an order, due to a stock inconsistency or other reasons
  • Declined — seller has marked the order as declined for lack of manual payment, or other reasons
  • Refunded — seller has used the Refund action
  • Disputed — customer has initiated a dispute resolution process for the PayPal transaction that paid for the order.
  • Manual Verification Required — order on hold while some aspect (e.g. tax-exempt documentation) needs to be manually confirmed

You can learn more about BigCommerce order statuses by visiting this BigCommerce page.