Here’s a cheat sheet on where you should update certain product details.


This is broken up into two columns because, depending on what you want to update, it either makes more sense to update it in your shopping cart or Ordoro.  Let’s think about it this way…

Your shopping cart is your customer-facing website. Anything your customer can see like pictures, descriptions or prices is going to be handled there.


Ordoro handles only the back office information, like shipping orders, quantities of products, and creating POs for reordering.


When you first import your products into Ordoro, we pull in the following information:

  1. SKU
  2. Name
  3. Weight
  4. Price
  5. Quantity

After the initial import, you’ll update product details either in the shopping cart or Ordoro.


Everything in the chart corresponds to the analogy.  The shopping cart column includes what your customer will see – product name and price.  We’ll talk more about why SKU is in this column in the second tutorial.  Since Ordoro is your back office solution, you should update weight and quantity here instead of your shopping cart.

Once your products are in Ordoro, any changes made in the cart are ignored, with the exception of SKUs. If we constantly ask if your products have been updated, it would slow the whole system down.  We only pull what we need from your shopping cart to keep Ordoro quick and nimble.


Check out the two articles below for more details on why we have Ordoro set up this way.

  1. Updating product name, price, and sku in your shopping cart
  2. Updating weights and quantities in Ordoro
  3. How inventory quantities are calculated in Ordoro