Recently, South Korea has enacted customs rules that require a Personal Customs Clearance Code (PCCC) on the labels of orders shipped to South Korea. Shipments without this code are subject to disposal.

To add this PCC code, you will want to add it to the Reference Number on the label you generate from Ordoro. See the instructions below.

1. Select the order you are shipping to South Korea and then to the Shipping Label panel. Then click on Additional Options.

2. Scroll down to the Reference Number and enter the PCCC number.

3. Create the label, confirm the PCCC number is on the label and ship out your package!

NOTE: Some carriers do NOT display the reference number on international labels. Be sure to confirm that the PCCC displays on the label after it is generated. If not, you will need to include the PCCC number on the customer’s Ship To address. Click here for instructions.