Lead Time is the time from which you order a product from your supplier, til the receiving date. Many suppliers know their average Lead Time to get products into the hands of their clients. If not, you can calculate this time on your own, based on past behavior. For example:

  • You send a Purchase Order for Product SKU A to your supplier on the first of the month.
  • The Purchase order is received on the 15th of the month.
  • For this supplier of SKU A, the Lead Time would be 15 days.

You can set the Lead Time on the product level in Ordoro so your POs will automatically populate your Lead Time. To set up your Lead Time in Ordoro, you’ll need to find the product you want to update.

You can do this two ways. Either manually in Ordoro, or via Data Import.


  1. How Lead Time appears in Ordoro
  2. How to update Lead Time manually
  3. How to update Lead Time via Data Import

How Lead Time appears in Ordoro

Once you assign a Lead Time to your product, it will automatically appear on your Purchase orders, and the Order More modal.

Order More Modal:

Purchase Orders:

How to update Lead Time manually

1. On the Products tab, search for the item you want to update and click on the product name. This will take you to the Product Detail page.

2. Select the Suppliers tab on the Product Detail page. Click Lead Time next to the supplier to update.

  • Note:
    • You can set a different Lead Time per supplier per product.
    • One supplier may have a different Lead Time than the other, which could influence the supplier you choose to reorder from.

3. Update the Lead Time (set in the number of days for that supplier), then select Save.

How to update Lead Time via Data Import

If you’ve never used Data Import with Ordoro, click here for instructions on how to use this feature in Ordoro.

1. First, navigate to the Data Import page and select Create/Update Supplier SKUs from the dropdown. Then, click Download an example file.

2. Open the downloaded file, and update the columns to only include SKU *Req, Supplier *Req and Lead Time. Fill in the information for each SKU, Supplier, and Lead time for your products.

See an example below:

Save the file as a CSV file and then drag the file into Ordoro and finish the Data Import steps. Once the upload is complete, your Lead Times will display in Ordoro.