To connect to Walmart you’ll need to generate a Client ID and Client Secret in your Walmart Developer Portal first and then paste in your Ordoro account. Please follow the steps below to get connected!

Please note, if you are not approved to sell on Walmart, you can begin the process here.

In your Walmart cart:

1. See below for two ways to log into the Walmart Developer Portal and generate the Client ID and Client Secret.

  • Option 1: Sign into Seller Center and navigate to:
    Settings > Consumer IDs & Private Keys, then click “Visit developer portal”.
    You’ll be taken to the Developer Portal and automatically signed in.
  • Option 2: Go directly to, then use your Seller Center credentials to sign in as a US Marketplace seller.

2. Once in the Developer Portal, navigate to the Production tab.

3. Under the “Production Keys for Solution Providers” section, select Ordoro from the dropdown menu.

4. Click on Add Provider.

5. Access Settings: Allow “Full Access” for the following:

Item Management:

Order Management:

6. Access Settings: Allow “View Access” for the following:

Get Feeds

Item Management:
Lag Time


See here how access settings should be set. Can click to see a larger version.

7. Click on the blue link “API Key” under the “Solution Provider” section.

8. Keep the Client ID and Client Secret modal open.

In your Ordoro account:

1. In Ordoro, select your business name  and click on “Account Settings”.

2. In the left-hand menu, select “Sales Channels” -> Add a sales channel.

3. Select the Walmart option from the dropdown menu.

4. Copy and paste the Client ID and Client Secret from the Walmart Developer Portal into the coordinating fields in Ordoro. (See Step 8 above.)

5. Select the “I’m approved to sell on Walmart” checkbox.

6. Click on the orange “Add Sales Channel” setting.

And that’s it! Orders will start importing into your Ordoro account once you click on the Add Sales Channel button.

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