To connect Walmart to Ordoro, you’ll need your Walmart Consumer ID and Private Key. Please note, if you are not approved to sell on Walmart, you can begin the process here.

1. In Ordoro, select your business name  and click on Account Settings

2. In the left-hand menu, select Sales Channels -> Add a sales channel

The Consumer ID and Private Key are located in your Walmart seller account interface. See below on how to access this information in Walmart.

2. Log in to

3. Go to General Settings and select “Consumer IDs & Private Keys”

4. The Consumer ID will be listed in your account. Copy and paste this to Ordoro.

5. The Private Key will also appear. If you have already created a Private Key, enter that information in Ordoro. If you don’t know your Private Key, you will want to regenerate it. When it is regenerated, if the Private Key is tied to any other applications, you’ll need to update it there as well.


6. Select “I’m approved to sell on Walmart” checkbox and click Save. All done!

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