The Shipping world is filled with complex rules. Every shipper (Fedex, UPS, USPS) has their own set of constraints when it comes to choosing shipping method, box type etc. Here are some of the USPS constraints that are relevant to Ordoro users including shipping classes, options, and parcel size.

USPS Domestic

You will NOT be able to print shipping labels if:
  1. If there is no weight added
  2. In some cases, the address is not recognized by US Postal Service
    • You can confirm the address using this USPS tool
USPS International
You will NOT be able to print shipping labels if:
  1. You did not fill out the customs declaration form and input the Value per Unit for each line item
  2. If the sum of product’s weights on the customs form is greater than the parcel/package weight
  3. You have a ‘Delivery Confirmation’ option selected
  4. For USPS via Endicia, there is no Contents Type provided OR for USPS via Pitney Bowes, there is no Reason for Export provided

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