Adding Squarespace to your Ordoro account is easy. You will need to create an API key in your Squarespace account and then connect to your cart in Ordoro. Please click here to sign up for your Squarespace account if you don’t have one.

In Squarespace:

1. Log in

2. Select on Site

3. Click on your site

4. Select on Settings

5. Select on Advanced and then select on API keys

6. Select Developer API Keys.

7. Select on Generate Key. Please make sure that all key scopes are selected and select Create Key.

8. Copy the API key and paste into Ordoro under Sales channels.


In Ordoro:

1. Select on your Company Name on the top right corner.

2. Select on Account Settings

3. Select on Sales Channels

4. Select on Add a Sales Channels option

5. Click on Squarespace

6. Paste the API token into the API Key token field
7. Click on Save

You are all set! Once you click on Save , Ordoro will automatically start importing your orders and products from Squarespace.

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