When we import orders/products from Shopsite, it is important that the data we receive from Shopsite is XML. In some cases, Shopsite may send us HTML instead of XML. What’s the difference, you may ask?

  • HTML was designed to display data, with focus on how data looks
  • XML was designed to describe data, with focus on what data is

In a nutshell, HTML is about displaying information, while XML is about carrying information. If we are sent HTML instead of XML, we cannot use the information. It’s like we’re asking a question in English and getting a response in Chinese.

To fix this, you may want to…

  1. Check that the Shopsite URL you entered into Ordoro was correct. You can check this by going to Settings -> Sales Channels -> click Edit next to Shopsite.
  2. Contact your Shopsite host to see if they can assist you. You’ll want to tell them that your URL (tell them which URL it is), is sending HTML instead of XML.

Be sure to try steps 1 & 2 first but if you’d like additional help, you can contact us at info@ordoro.com.