Ordoro now offers a built in integration to QuickBooks online that passes basic order data over to your QuickBooks online account.

How do I setup the connection?

1 – Click on you business name and click on Account Settings –> Accounting

2 – Select the Add an Integration option to pull up the connection options.

3 – Click Authorize which will route you to your QuickBooks account to approve the connection.

  • If you are not logged into QuickBooks, it will have you login at this point.

4 – Once you select Connect in the previous step, it will route you back to your Ordoro account where you will see the account connected and the option to export.

How do I export my orders to my QuickBooks account?

1 – Go to Account Settings -> Accounting, and select the Export button. You will see a message pop up from the bottom that your orders are being exported.

  • If this is your first export, it will send over all orders in your Ordoro account.
  • If you have previously sent orders over, it will send orders imported into your account since the last time you exported to QuickBooks.

2 – You will be able to see the export as it processes in the Activity Menu in the top right of your Ordoro account.

3 – Once the export is complete, you will see a message similar to the following.

What info is sent for each order into QuickBooks?

Here is an example order in Ordoro as well as the same order once in QuickBooks.

Info passed:

  • Order number -> passed as Sales Receipt number
  • Order date -> passed as Sales Receipt date
  • Order line items -> passed as a Product/Service
  • Info per line item:
    • Product name -> as Description
    • Quantity ordered
    • Item price -> passed as Rate
    • Line amount -> passed as Amount – this is (Quantity ordered * Item price)
  • Shipping paid -> Passed as another Product/Service
  • Order discount -> Passed as Discount value

Can I delete the Quickbooks account from my Ordoro account?
Send an email to support@ordoro.com and one of our support team members will be happy to assist in removing the Quickbooks account.

Need additional options with your Ordoro <-> Quickbooks integration, or an integration to another version of QuickBooks?
Check out the third party integration built via Connex for QuickBooks.

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