Ordoro can connect to QuickBooks Online and will pass basic order data. A Sales Receipt will be created in Quickbooks for your order.

See below for what information we send and how to link your accounts.


  1. What information is sent to Quickbooks
  2. List of data Ordoro passes to Quickbooks
  3. How to setup Quickbooks Online in Ordoro
  4. How to export orders to QuickBooks
  5. FAQ

What information is sent to Quickbooks

Here is an example order in Ordoro as well as the same order once in QuickBooks.

Order in Ordoro:

Order in Quickbooks:

List of data Ordoro passes to Quickbooks

  1. Customer information:
    1. Name
    2. Phone number
    3. Email
    4. Address
  2. Order number -> passed as Sales Receipt number
  3. Order date -> passed as Sales Receipt date
  4. Order line items -> passed as a Product/Service
  5. Info per line item:
    1. Product name -> as Description
    2. Quantity ordered
    3. Item price -> passed as Rate
    4. Line amount -> passed as Amount
      1. Calculated as (quantity ordered * Item price)
  6. Shipping paid -> passed as another Product/Service
  7. Order discount -> passed as Discount value

How to setup Quickbooks Online in Ordoro

1. Click on your business name and select Account Settings -> Accounting.

2. Select Add an Integration -> Quickbooks.

3. Click Authorize, which will route you to your QuickBooks account to approve the connection.

4. Select Connect when asked to connect Quickbooks to Ordoro. You will be routed back to your Ordoro account once complete.

5. Once connected, you’ll see your Quickbooks Online account under Accounting Settings.

NOTE: Once Authorized, Ordoro will automatically send all of your orders to Quickbooks

How to export orders to QuickBooks

1. Go to Account Settings -> Accounting, and select the Export button. A message will appear to confirm your orders are being exported.

  • If this is your first export, it will send over all orders in your Ordoro account.
  • If you have previously synced orders, it will send only new orders created in Ordoro since the last Quickbooks sync.

2. Once the export is complete; the Activity tray will display a confirmation message.


How can I remove Quickbooks from my Ordoro account?

What if I need to integrate with Quickbooks Desktop or post POs from Quickbooks to Ordoro?

  • Please reach out to Connex. They are a third-party application that has built an integration to Ordoro and has a larger feature set.
  • Here is a summary of their features:
    • Quickbooks Desktop integration includes Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Wholesale and Manufacturing
    • Automatically sync customers, inventory, orders, and products to QuickBooks
    • Easily sync wholesale orders from QuickBooks to Ordoro
    • Sync shipping and tracking details to QuickBooks
    • Easily automate reports on income, expenses, and inventory management
    • Get a real-time look at cash flow, bills, and more across all integrated channels
    • Manage sales tax in QuickBooks

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