Please note that creating products in Ordoro is only useful if you plan to create manual orders in Ordoro.  These products will only exist in your account and will not be linked to your cart.

How to create an individual product

1. Go to the Products page -> click “Add Product”


2. A pop-up will show up to enter product information. The two required fields are SKU and Product Name, everything else is optional.

3. When entering a SKU, if the SKU already exists, a message will warn you and prevent you from saving the information.

How to create products in bulk

1.  Go to Settings -> Data Import.

Data Import

2.  Download the Example File

3.  Use the Example File as your template to upload the products and save as a csv file

  • Note: the columns with an * indicate that the column is required – for any column not used, delete from the file altogether before saving

4.  Upload the file to Ordoro, or drag and drop – upon doing so, you will be prompted to map the columns

5. Click on ‘Verify Columns’ and follow the remaining steps

  • Important: do not navigate away from the page while the import is running – wait until the upload shows complete

You can see the status of your upload as every acceptable line item will have a check mark.



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