If you’re creating a custom integration to Ordoro, you’ll need an API key. The API key provides you with Basic HTTP Authentication to connect to Ordoro.

Additionally, when building an integration, you can ask our developers questions directly on our API Forum.

How to create the API key

1. In Ordoro, click on your Company Name -> Account Settings -> API Keys.

2. Select Add an API Key.

3. Enter a descriptive name for the API key. This could be what the key will be used for.

  • For example, “API key for Re:amaze.”

4. Click Create New API Key.

5. The API key will be generated and can be viewed by clicking Edit next to the key.

  • The Client ID and Client Secret are the key values. These may be copied and used in building your custom integration.

6. To revoke access, keys may be deleted by selecting the Delete button. Once a key is deleted, it cannot be recovered and is a permanent action. New keys can be generated at any time.

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