Integrating with Ordoro requires an API key to ensure secure access and communication with our platform. This key is essential for Basic HTTP Authentication, allowing your custom integration to connect seamlessly to Ordoro.

Additionally, our API Forum is available for you to engage directly with our developers, should you have any questions during your integration process.


  1. How to create the API key
  2. How to delete / revoke the API key

How to create the API key

  1. In Ordoro, click on your Company Name -> Account Settings -> API Keys.
  2. Select Add an API Key.
  3. Enter a descriptive name for the API key that reflects its use case.
    • For instance, if the key is for integrating with Re:amaze, you could name it “API key for Re:amaze.”
  4. Click Create New API Key to generate your API key.

  1. The API key will be generated, and you can view it by clicking Edit next to the key.
    • The Client ID and Client Secret are the key values. These are crucial for your integration.

How to delete / revoke the API key

  1. Should you need to revoke access, you can delete the API key by clicking the Delete button.
    • Keep in mind that deleting an API key is irreversible, rendering the key permanently unusable.
    • You can generate new keys as needed to replace deleted ones or for different integrations.