When you ship an Amazon order via Ordoro (through Fedex, UPS or USPS-Endicia), Ordoro will post that tracking number back into your Amazon Seller Central account and mark that order as completed. Sometimes, the tracking numbers get posted on Amazon in a few seconds. Sometimes, it takes longer than that – a few minutes or even hours. Here is why.

The task of posting tracking numbers to Amazon appears seamless to the user, but there is a lot of magic happening in the background for this to work perfectly. This article will explain the main challenges of posting tracking numbers back into Amazon Seller Central.

The primary hurdle is that Amazon has a complex way of accepting tracking numbers. Here is a typical conversation that happens between Ordoro and the Amazon servers:

Ordoro: Hi Amazon! Merchant <ID> is shipping out order <ID> using USPS. Can you update that information for me?
Amazon: Sure! Call us back in 45 seconds and reference code AJ9OU812BLUE42.
Ordoro: Um…OK. But can’t you just tell me now whether you will update the info or not?
Amazon: Nope! Talk to you in 45 seconds. <hangs up>

45 seconds later…

Ordoro: Hi Amazon! Just checking on request AJ9OU812BLUE42. Is it done yet?
Amazon: Nope! Call back in 45 seconds.
Ordoro: Um…OK.

If Amazon is busy that conversation can happen over and over again for several minutes or even hours. Our biggest problem is that Amazon will just stop talking to us if we have too many requests working on different shipments. They’ll throttle all the requests and we simply have to stop calling them.

On days when Amazon gets too busy they might never respond. Amazon also likes to respond with a bunch of deranged technospeak. When Ordoro gets the cold shoulder, we stop contacting Amazon for those orders temporarily and move on to shipping other orders. But a few hours later, we start asking Amazon for the status of those orders again.

There are a lot more technical complexities behind automatically uploading tracking numbers to Amazon. Hopefully this article gave you an overview of the entire process. If you would like to know more, please contact us.


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