What is eBay Global Ship?

eBay Global ship is a program run by eBay and is targeted towards eBay sellers who sell internationally. You can learn more details about the program here. Here is a short description of how the program works –

  1. Seller lists a product and sells it to an international buyer
  2. But rather than shipping to the buyer’s international address, the seller can ship the product to eBay’s Global Ship Warehouse located in Kentucky (Erlanger, KY 41025). The seller needs to attach a shipment reference number on the package when they ship to that warehouse
  3. Once the package is received at the Kentucky warehouse, eBay’s international shipping team takes over. They manage the customs process and ships the product to the buyer’s international address

In summary, this program makes the process of shipping to international addresses much easier.

How does Ordoro work with eBay Global Ship?

It’s automatic –

  1. When Ordoro imports the order from ebay, we also import the Global Ship hub address (in KY) and the Global Ship reference number
  2. Ordoro then automatically replaces the ship to address to point to the KY address
  3. When a label is created, we ship to KY and include the reference number in the address
  4. Package gets shipped to KY and then the eBay team ships out internationally

When you look at the ship to address of these eBay orders in Ordoro, you will see the eBay Global Ship KY address

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