To create Sendle labels in Ordoro, you will first need to connect your Sendle account. Don’t have a Sendle account yet and want to start one? Sign up for an account here.

Follow the steps below to retrieve the necessary information to get connected.

Sendle Account Agreements

Complete the following in your Sendle account:

  1. The Sendle account must have a confirmed email. Sendle sends a confirmation email after your account is created. 
  2. Accept the Dangerous Goods Declaration in the Sendle account.
  3. Add a credit card in Sendle’s Billing Section.

How to connect Sendle to Ordoro

1. Log into your Sendle account (click here to go to the Sendle login page).

2. Once logged into Sendle, select Settings -> API.

3. The API Key and Sendle ID are listed there. You’ll need both of these to connect Sendle to your Ordoro account.

NOTE: If the Sendle ID and API Key do not display in the API section, fill out the information noted on the screen: 

  1. Your website
  2. How many shipments do you ship in a month?
  3. Select Submit
  4. The Sendle ID and API Key should display.

4. Open Ordoro in a new window or tab. (Make sure you still have access to your Sendle account.)

5. In Ordoro, select your business name in the upper right corner and then Account Settings.

6. Select Shippers/Carriers on the left side of the screen.

7. Click Add a shipper and choose Sendle from the dropdown box.

8. Copy the Sendle ID into the Sendle ID field in Ordoro.

9. Copy the API Key into the API Key field in Ordoro.

10. Click Create, and you’re done.

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