To stop Ordoro from ending your eBay listings, there are two features within your eBay account that need to be set. The Out of Stock feature needs to be turned on on a global level & Good til Canceled on the product level.

Here is how to set these features in your eBay account:

Enable the Out of Stock feature:

  1. Go to My eBay  
  2. Select Account  
  3. Select Site Preferences
  4. Under Selling Preferences, click Show next to Sell Your Item form and listings
  5. Click Edit next to Use the out-of-stock option
  6. Select the checkbox, then click Apply

Note: When the feature is enabled, it is automatically applied to all existing listings and to any new listings created.

All listings need to have Listing Duration set to Good til Canceled:

Check through each listing you do not want to end and make sure the Listing Duration is set to Good til Canceled

  • Note: If the Listing Duration is not set to Good til Canceled, you will need to end the listing and recreate. The Listing Duration is a setting within eBay that you are unable to change once the listing has been saved.

Once you have set these settings and the quantity of an item goes to zero in a listing using this specific set-up, the item remains ‘alive’. When the item is in the out-of-stock state (quantity equals zero), the item will not be shown in the search results until it is back in stock (quantity greater than zero). When inventory has been added in Ordoro and Ordoro syncs the quantity back to eBay, the listing will show in as in stock.