There are two ways to do this.

Option 1

1. Once you’ve added all of the products you need, go to the POs section in the green bar.

2. Select the POs you’d like to send to the supplier and click “Send to Supplier”.

3. This will email the purchase orders to your supplier and change the status of the PO from Unsent to Sent.

Option 2

1. Click the PO ID of the purchase order you’d like to send. This will take you to the PO Detail page.

2. On this page you can enter additional information before sending the PO. For example, you can enter the requested shipping method for the supplier to use or any other additional instructions.

3. To preview the email that you’ll send to your supplier, select the “Preview/Print PO” link.

 4. The preview will display exactly what the PO will look like when you email it to your supplier. When you’re ready to send, go back and click “Send PO”.


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