In Ordoro v2

Once you create a shipping label via Ordoro, that label image is permanently stored in your Ordoro account. This means that you can reprint that label as many times as you want.

You get charged only when the label is created for the first time. Reprinting that label does not cost you anything extra.

Here is how to reprint an existing label –

1. Go to Shipments->Shipped tab. And search for the shipment-id (or order-id) of the label you want to reprint

reprint label

2. Select the shipment (mark the checkbox on the left), and click on the orange button above that says “Print Labels”

Reprint labels

Proceed to print this label just like any of your regular shipping labels.



1. Visit the Orders >  Shipped and select  the Order ID.

2.   This brings you the Orders Detail page.  Please select the Shipments tab
ship label
3. From there select the “Print Shipping label”.

4. Ordoro  will generate a PDF of the shipping label . Choose your print type then Click “View PDF” to see the label

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 12.49.08 PM

5.  Then print!

In Ordoro V3

1. Go to the Orders tab. Click on the Shipped filter to see all the shipped orders. Select the order by clicking on the checkbox.


2. On the right side panel, make sure you are in the shipping label tab. Click on View PDF and that will bring up the label. You can reprint it how many ever times you want


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