Connecting your Wayfair sales channel to Ordoro is easy! Please follow the steps below.

NOTE: Our Wayfair integration is still in beta so please contact if you’d like to connect.

First, you need to request access to the Developer tab from your dedicated Wayfair commercial contact.

    1. Reach out to your dedicated Wayfair commercial contact.
    2. Request to have an API integration set-up, specifying that you are using the Ordoro channel integration.
You request will be passed on to the relevant Wayfair team who will reach out to you in due course. Once you have been provided access to the Developer tab, complete the following steps to generate your API keys:

First, you’ll need your Client ID and Client Secret from Wayfair.

  1. Login to your Wayfair partner portal / Partner Home.
  2. Then, proceed to Developer -> Application Management.
  3. Click New Application.
  4. Enter Ordoro as the application name.
  5. Click on the toggle under Description to choose Production and then click Save.
  6. The Client ID and Client Secret will be displayed.
    1. NOTE: Be sure to save these as you won’t be able to view them again.
    2. NOTE: Be sure to provide the Client ID to the Integration Manager handling your case.

Next, you’ll enter this information in Ordoro.

  1. Click your business’ name on the top right hand corner and Account Settings.
  2. Go to Sales Channels in the left-hand menu.
  3. Click on Add a Sales Channel.
  4. Select Wayfair from the dropdown menu.
  5. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret.
  6. To save, select the orange Add Sales Channel button.

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