Once a PO is created in Ordoro, the unit cost will not be affected by a change in the supplier cost of a SKU, therefore, you will need to update the PO cost in the POs themselves. There are two avenues to edit your PO unit cost.

While Initially Creating your PO

1. When you create a PO and add a SKU, the unit cost of the SKU will automatically import your supplier cost for that SKU into the PO. If you change your supplier in the dropdown box while creating a PO, you will notice that the unit price changes depending on the supplier cost. Unless this is edited, this will be your PO cost.

2. You can edit the PO unit cost while creating your PO, by typing in the new PO unit cost into the Unit Price field. When you click on Order More, your unit cost will be saved, and your PO will be created. You can find your completed PO in the PO list tab.

Editing an Already Completed PO

1. You can edit the PO unit cost for a PO at any stage of the PO completion process. All you need to do is click on your PO in the PO list tab. You will be able to edit the unit cost for each SKU under the Unit Cost field.

If you change your supplier’s product cost for these SKUs it will not update the unit cost for these POs. They are locked after the PO is created. The only way to change these prices is to edit the unit cost in the PO. These changes will be logged in the PO History tab.


Before creating a PO, you can update the supplier cost for your products in bulk by completing a data import. 

1.Click on your business name in the upper right-hand corner of Ordoro, and select Data Import

2. Select Create/Update Supplier SKUs from the dropdown menu. 

3. Download an example file, and format your file accordingly. Supplier Price is the field you will want to update to update the costs for all of your products.

4. Upload the file and your costs will be saved.

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