The kit/bundle inventory is calculated using the Child Component skus. The component with the lowest quantity per warehouse (if you have multiple warehouses) determines the kit quantity.

When you adjust the inventory of the child component(s), Ordoro will automatically calculate the updated inventory for the kit. The kit quantity is never editable since it’s a calculated quantity.

How inventory is updated

In this scenario, the kit is a Soccer Bundle which is comprised of the following components.

  • component = Adidas Predator soccer cleats
  • component = Soccer ball / fútbol size 5

Since the Soccer Bundle is a kit, its inventory is based on the availability of its components. Since the Soccer Ball has the smallest quantity, it limits the number of kits that can be sold.

For example, see the Physical on Hand inventory for the Soccer Bundle is 10. This is because there is only 10 of the Soccer Ball available for sale.

Next, we adjust the Physical on Hand for the Soccer Cleats, a kit component, from 10 units to 3 units. See below.

NOTE: If you have inventory in multiple warehouses, be sure to update the quantities in the corresponding warehouse. Ordoro’s kit calculations are based on the lowest quantity per warehouse.

Ordoro has then updated the quantity available for the kit from 10 to 3. This happened because the Soccer Cleats are the new limiting factor. The Soccer Cleat quantity is less than the Soccer Ball quantity.

You can also adjust inventory for the component SKUs using Ordoro’s Purchase Order feature. See this help article about creating a Purchase Order and receiving Goods Receipts.

For more information on how to set up kits in Ordoro, please see this support article.