Note: This feature is in beta and is only available on a request basis at the moment. Please contact to enable this in your account.

Tags make life easy! They allow you to organize your orders and can be easily used to filter for better order management. See below on how to import your Shopify tags into your account.

All you have to do is import your orders from Shopify and the tags on that order will show up in Ordoro.


If I delete a tag in Shopify, will the tag be removed from the order in Ordoro?

No, removing tag in Shopify will not remove the tag in Ordoro. If you need to remove the tag, make sure you remove it from the order in Shopify and in Ordoro.

If I edit/delete a Shopify tag in Ordoro, will that action transfer to Shopify?

No, editing the Shopify tag in Ordoro will not update the tag in Shopify. Therefore, if you need to make any updates/remove to the tag make sure you do them directly on Shopify and not Ordoro.

For example:

  1. “Electronics” tag imported in from Shopify on an order.

2. I edit the “electronics” tag in Ordoro and not in Shopify.

3. I run an import from Shopify with the tag “electronics”.

4. Upon import to Ordoro, Ordoro will create a new tag: “electronics” because it doesn’t exist in your Ordoro account anymore.

Please Note: if you update the tag in Ordoro and run an order import from Shopify with the same tag, Ordoro will duplicate the tag.