There may be times you don’t want to see certain shipping methods when making labels. You are able to select which methods you don’t want to see for your shippers/carriers in Ordoro. It’s easy!

This feature is available for all shippers/carriers Ordoro supports.

  1. For example, let’s say you don’t want to see Parcel Select Ground as an option when making labels.
  1. Go to Account Settings, then select Shippers/Carriers, and then select the shipper you would like to update.
  1. Uncheck the shipping method(s) that you would like to hide. In this example, Parcel Select Ground is unselected.
  1. Click Update or Save to save the changes.
  1. Go to your order and click the blue refresh button by the Shipping Methods/Rates. This will refresh the rates and remove the one you selected.
  1. The shipping method will no longer be listed.