What is the Walmart DSV program?

In the Walmart Drop Ship Vendor (DSV) program, you’ll sell your items to Walmart at wholesale prices, but you’ll manage the warehousing and shipping. You may ship to the customer directly or to Walmart stores for in-store pickup.

The DSV Program is focused on high-volume suppliers. To become a DSV, your business must meet all DSV Program Requirements, and you must be invited by a Walmart.com Category Specialist (buyer).

See Walmart’s help article for more details.

Does Ordoro integrate with Walmart DSV?

At this time, we do not connect with Walmart DSV. We hope to do so in the future, so please contact us at support@ordoro.com if you’re interested.

What happens if I connect my Walmart DSV account to Ordoro?

When an Import Orders task is run for a Walmart DSV cart, we may get the error “Details: Incorrect Authorization header.”

If you receive this error and are not part of the DSV program, please reach out to support@ordoro.com so we can research this further.