Yes! Ordoro will import 3dcart variations SKUs into Ordoro and keep track of inventory per variation.

  • If you don’t know what 3dcart variation SKUs means, please see this 3dcart support article.
  • 3dcart offers the Options feature (or variation SKUs) so that you can have different options within the same listing (for example, different sizes and colors for a dress).
  • Buyers will need to choose from those options before they can complete their purchase of your item.
  • Each variation should be assigned its own unique SKU in 3dcart. The SKU is Ordoro’s way of tracking inventory.

3dcart Options Set-Up:

Set up Options for the product you’d like in 3dcart.

After you have added options, select Actions > Advanced Options.

Select all options and add a unique Code for each one. Click Save.

What will happen in Ordoro:

Ordoro will import the options or variations as their own SKU.

  • Example:
    • The SKU Candle has three variations SKUs set in 3dcart.
      • SKU: S-1234
      • SKU: M-1234
      • SKU: L-1234