The short answer is yes, but should you? When we import your orders, we look at the product name, price, and descriptions from the order placed in your sales channel, not the name stored in Ordoro. Ordoro is mainly for keeping your inventory numbers in sync. Your shopping cart is the best place to manage pricing or description changes. If you think of your shopping cart as your customer-facing application and Ordoro as your back office, it helps with this concept.

Your shopping cart is used to market your products so that they will sell. This gives you the freedom to update your product names, prices, and descriptions whenever you want for SEO purposes, promotions, or sales. Ordoro is used for shipping out products and making sure you don’t run out of stock.  ** Once a product is imported into Ordoro, any updates in the cart will not be seen.**  This is to keep the same products from downloading over and over and using up resources.

Please note, Ordoro will use the descriptions and pricing from your sales channel/cart when an order is imported and include them in the Packing List to reflect the product that was originally purchased by your customers. The only time Ordoro pricing and descriptions are used is when a manual order is placed in Ordoro, as well as for fulfillment purposes in your Orders tabs.


Two products were imported into Ordoro inventory.

  1. Red shirt, $10
  2. Blue pants, $20

You decide to run a promotion for the blue pants.  The price and description are updated on your sales channel to sell more.

  1. Red shirt – you keep this product description the same in your cart
  2. Blue pants – you decide to update this product description to “Exclusive navy blue slacks” and update the price to $10 on your sales channel.

A customer purchases the red shirt and blue pants during this time.  The order imported into Ordoro and the Packing List shows the following:

  1. Red shirt, $10
  2. Exclusive navy blue slacks, $10

You can see here that the updated description and pricing for the blue pants is used.

If you want to match the product description and price in Ordoro with that of your sales channels, then you will need to edit them in Ordoro as well, which can be done one product at a time or in bulk. See this help article for more details.