As you create USPS labels, your postage balance will decrease. Your USPS account can be set to automatically refill when the balance is below a certain amount.

Set up USPS postage auto-fill

1. Click on your Company Name -> Account Settings.

2. Select Shippers/Carriers in the left toolbar.

3. Find your USPS shipper, select the option to Enable postage auto-fill.

  • Enter the Lower Threshold (the dollar amount when auto-fill is triggered).
  • Enter the Increment Amount (the dollar amount you want to purchase/increase once the “Lower Threshold” is met).
  • For example, you may want to purchase $25 every time your postage is less than $100.
  • In this case, set Lower Threshold = 100, Increment Amount = 25.

4. Click Save

5. To disable the feature, deselect the checkbox next to Enable postage auto-fill and click Save.