Absolutely! Archiving will retain associated data (like POs and dropshipments) but prevent new information from being linked to the supplier.


  1. Submit a request to archive a supplier
  2. What happens when a supplier is archived

Submit a request to archive a supplier

If you need to archive a supplier in your Ordoro account, follow these easy steps:

  1. Email to Ordoro Support at support@ordoro.com and include:
    • Support Pin: This pin helps us verify your account.
    • Supplier(s) Name in Ordoro: Clearly specify the name(s) of the supplier(s) to archive.
  2. What Happens Next?
    • Our team will audit to see if there are any products, dropshipments, purchase orders, rules, and supplier-warehouse mappings for the supplier(s).
    • We will reach out if there are additional action items before we can archive the specified supplier(s).

What happens when a supplier is archived

  1. Products:
    • All products must be unassigned from a supplier before archiving.
    • This is related to products assigned for dropshipping and/or restocking.
  2. Rules:
    • Existing rules will no longer assign orders to archived suppliers.
    • It’s recommended to delete such rules before archiving.
  3. Purchase Orders (POs):
    • POs in any status (Sent, Partial, Received, Cancelled) will still display the archived supplier.
    • Unsent POs linked to the archived supplier can be sent, canceled, or reassigned.
  4. Dropshipments:
    • Completed (shipped or canceled) dropshipped orders remain assigned to the archived supplier.
    • If there are open dropship orders for the requested supplier, you may consider reassigning or canceling them.
  5. Supplier-Warehouse Mapping:
    • Products won’t be assigned to the archived supplier, so no immediate need to update mappings. However, the best practice is to remove these before archiving the supplier as well.