In this help article we discussed why sku, product name, and price should be updated in your shopping cart.  Now we’ll cover why you should update product weights and quantities in Ordoro.


Using our analogy from this help article, we know anything related to the back office should be updated in Ordoro – that’s why we handle quantities and weights here.

If you update a product weight or quantity in your shopping cart, and your products have already been imported into Ordoro, then we will not see this change.  This is because it makes more sense to update them in Ordoro.


Product quantities should be updated in Ordoro so we can keep your inventory in sync. For example, you may list products on Amazon, ebay and your webstore.  If you receive more stock, you’ll want to update the quantity in Ordoro so we can update all three sites for you. Ordoro must be the inventory master in order for this to work.


The same idea works for orders.  Let’s say a product is purchased on Amazon.  Now, we need to update the quantities on ebay and your webstore so you don’t oversell. Ordoro will be the centralized inventory so that if an order is placed, we will update our quantity and then send it to all of your webstores.

It also makes the most sense to update product weights in Ordoro rather than your shopping cart since this is related to shipping.  When an order is imported into Ordoro, we look at the weights of all of the products in the order and then calculate the total package weight for shipping.  Therefore, you should update this information in Ordoro so we can show you accurate shipping rates.


Check out the two articles below for more details on why we have Ordoro set up this way.

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