What should you do when you run into this error message under Settings -> Shippers?

Step 1: Why did this happen?

The free Endicia account created through Ordoro is only valid for use within Ordoro. It is not valid for use outside of our application. If you try to link it to your BigCommerce cart or to your Dazzle account, it will get suspended.

Endicia uses a special code to link an application to your Endicia account. This code is called the ‘passphrase’. When you create the free Endicia account with Ordoro, we set your passphrase in our system. This information is not displayed in Ordoro since the Endicia account is only valid with Ordoro.

Step 2: How can I fix this?

  1. Click the Support link in the top right corner of your account.
  2. Send us an email letting us know your Endicia account has been suspended.
  3. If you have linked the Endicia account anywhere else, remove/delete it.
  4. Our support team will contact Endicia, unlock your account, reset your passphrase, and email you back.

About step #3 – if you have linked the Endicia account to any other applications, immediately remove/delete that information. If you do not remove it, then once we reset your passphrase, it will get locked out again because two different applications will be linking to the Endicia account – one with the correct information (Ordoro) and the other with the incorrect information (any other app).

Please do not contact Endicia directly since there are a series of steps we have to take to restore your account. We always prioritize these requests and will get back to you ASAP!

Step 3: How to avoid this issue in the future

Once your Endicia account is restored, we request that you refresh your Settings -> Shippers page to make sure you don’t see the error message anymore. Also, at that point, you should no longer try to link the Endicia account to any other applications. It’ll be smooth sailing from here!

FYI: Suspended over the weekend?

If your account happened to be suspended during the weekend, there is unfortunately nothing we can do to unlock it and reset your passphrase until Monday morning, since Endicia Support is only available Mo-Fri 06:00 AM PST – 06:00 PM PST. However, we encourage you to send us an email immediately so we can prioritize your request for Monday morning.

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