Our Orders List page has Omnibar functionality which includes advanced search and filter functionality!

This help article outlines tips on how to utilize the Omnibar.


  1. How to filter by Order Status
  2. How to search for an order
  3. How to use Advanced Filtering

How to filter by Order Status

Select the Status from the dropdown and it will appear in the Omnibar.

  1. Enter the text you’d like to use for search. This can include the customer’s address, name, product SKU, etc.
  2. When you click Enter, this will search the current filter. Select All from the Status dropdown if you’d like to search all orders.

3. f you need to edit the search term, double-click to modify it. See the steps below.

How to use Advanced Filtering

In the Omnibar, all filterable options are shown inline. This makes it easier to see all the selected parameters.