Ordoro has a standard 3PL Central integration via its API. This is available for our Enterprise customers. If you’re uncertain of your Ordoro plan, please reach out to support@ordoro.com for assistance.

General workflow

Once an hour, Ordoro will do the following tasks:

  • Send dropshipped orders to 3PL Central (3PLC).
  • Pull inventory from 3PLC and post it to your Ordoro warehouse.
  • Import tracking from 3PLC to mark dropshipped orders as shipped.

Workflow descriptions

Please note, below is a high-level overview. To enable the 3PL Central integration, you’ll need to hop on a call with our Support Team. They will ask additional questions to ensure the setup goes smoothly.

  • Order sync:
    • Ordoro will fetch all orders assigned to a special 3PLC supplier from your account.
    • The orders will be sent to 3PLC via their API.
    • Orders will be tagged based on 3PLC’s response:
      • If successfully sent, the tag Notified Supplier is applied to the order.
      • Otherwise, the tag Failed to Notify Supplier is applied and an Order Timeline comment is added.
  • Inventory:
    • Ordoro will request inventory quantities from 3PLC based on your SKU number.
    • If there are multiple 3PLC warehouses for a product, then Ordoro will sum the total quantity.
    • Next, Ordoro will compare the 3PLC quantity to the current Physical On Hand quantity in the Ordoro 3PLC warehouse.
      • If quantities do not match, then we’ll update Ordoro’s inventory with the 3PLC quantity.
      • If quantities do match, then we’ll skip updating the quantity.
  • Tracking:
    • Ordoro will check all dropshipped orders with the Notified Supplier tag.
      • For each order, check if it has tracking in the 3PLC system.
      • If it does, post the tracking information to Ordoro.
      • If tracking writeback fails, Ordoro will list the tracking info in the Order Timeline and tag the order as Tracking Error.
    • Ordoro will then write back to your sales channel marking the order as shipped.

3PL Central information for setup

To setup the 3PLC integration, we’ll need the following credentials from 3PLC. There will be additional setup steps on the Ordoro side which will be reviewed on the call.

  1. Client ID
  2. Client secret
  3. Authorization key
  4. 3PLC ID
  5. Customer ID
  6. Facility ID