You can do this via presets and rules in Ordoro.

1 . Go to the Orders tab in Ordoro and select an order so that the shipping panel opens up in the right side of the page

2 . Select the shipper you would like to default to all orders. In this one, we are using USPS via Pitney Bowes. Then select Presets.

3 . Select Save current option as a preset

4 . Select the toggle next to the Carrier. Add a name to the Preset and then select the checkmark box next to Create a rule that automatically applies the preset. Then select Save.

5 . This will popup another window to set up a rule to apply this preset. Set up the If statement to look as below so that this Carrier will be applied to all order importing into Ordoro (all orders will import into Ordoro with at least 0 in the Grand Total, so this will apply to all orders). Then select Save Rule.

Please note, this will only apply to orders created after this rule has been created. Previous orders will need to be updated manually.

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