When shipping kits, it’s helpful to know which components to pack. There are two ways to do this:

  1. View kits on the pick and packing lists.
  2. View kits on the Order Detail page. See more details below.

Kits on the Order Detail page

  1. Select an order to go to the Order Detail page.
  2. Look at the Order Contents and expand the kit line item.

  1. The Kit Components will be displayed below.

The quantities shown are the amount needed to fulfill the order. For example:

  1. A case of water bottles is 24 bottles.
  2. An order is placed for four cases.
  3. The kit component quantity will be 96 bottles of water.

If you have a multi-level kit, the lowest level components will be shown. For example:

  1. There are three sports kits: basketball, football, soccer. Each kit has two items.
    • Basketball: basketball + basketball hoop
    • Football: football + helmet
    • Soccer: soccer ball + cleats

2. The Ultimate Sports Bundle consists of all three bundles.

3. When viewing an order for the Ultimate Sports Bundle, the lowest level components are shown. Example: the Soccer Bundle sku is not shown, only the ball and cleats.