If you sell products that have multiple sizes / colors / variations and want Ordoro to keep track of your inventory, you’ll need to assign unique sku numbers to each of your variations. The only way to assign these sku numbers is to do it when you create the listing. There is not a way to add variation skus after the listing is created. Please follow the steps outlined below.

*Please note: You must have Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro to access this feature in eBay. (You can find more information about either of these features on eBay’s website.)

1. Log into your eBay account and go to your My eBay page.

2. Create a new listing and select the category you’ll be selling in, then click save.

3. If that category supports variations, you’ll see the following section on the next page. Click ‘Create variations’.


4. Then, you’ll want to create your variations. In the example below, I created different sizes of Men’s t-shirts. Click continue when done.


5. The next page allows you to add additional information in the item specifics field(s). Click continue when done.

6. Now we’ll assign skus to your products. You can either let eBay assign the skus for you or you can create your own. If you sell on multiple channels (Amazon, BigCommerce, Shopify, etc.) make sure the sku numbers listed in eBay are exactly the same on all platforms. This will enable Ordoro to keep your inventory in sync.

Click ‘Add a SKU for your item’ and the Custom Label (SKU) field will pop up. Whatever you enter here will be at the beginning of all of your sku numbers. See the example below. I used ‘TShirt-Blue’ as my Custom Label, and then I clicked Add.



7. Once I clicked Add, the Custom Label field shows up next to my variations below. You’ll notice that ‘TShirt-Blue’ is at the beginning of each sku number. I can then edit the sku numbers to match my other channels or simply use what is already populated there. Once you’re done with this page, click Continue.


8. The following pages allow you to add pictures and set different stock levels and prices to each of your variations. Complete those sections and click Save.

9. When you go back to the main listing page, you’ll see your variations listed there. Congratulations!


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