If you sell products that have multiple sizes / colors / variations and want Ordoro to keep track of your inventory, you’ll need to assign unique sku numbers to each of your variations. The only way to assign these sku numbers is to do it when you create the listing. There is not a way to add variation skus after the listing is created. Please follow the steps outlined below.

*Please note: You must have Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro to access this feature in eBay. (You can find more information about either of these features on eBay’s website.)

1. Log into your eBay account and go to your My eBay seller page.

2. Create a new Listing template. 

3. You’ll see the Variations section in the listing template page. Click Create variations.

4. Then, you’ll want to create your variations. First you’ll need to Add a Variation Attribute. Click on + Add. From there, you choose a predeterminted attribute, or Add your own attribute.

5. Then add your variations. You can choose from the options they give you, or create your own. Then select Continue


6. You can add your product information to these variables, as well as images if needed. Then click into the SKU box next to your variations and add the SKU you would like for this variation.


7. Once your variations are set up, select Save and Close. Finish setting up the product and save that product. You’ll see the variations for this product and will be able to edit these variations any time you need to. 


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