Adding Etsy to your Ordoro account is easy. If you don’t have an Ordoro account, then Etsy will show up as one of the options during the registration workflow. If you already have an Ordoro account, then use the following steps to add Etsy to your Ordoro account.

1. Go to the right-hand corner and click on your business name and click on Account Settings.

2. On the left-hand menu, click on Sales Channels 

3. Click on Add Sales Channel at the bottom of that page

4. Choose Etsy as the option in the dropdown



5. Click on the orange Add Sales Channel button. This will take you to the Etsy login screen and ask you to login into your account. If you are already logged in into your account, then this will take you directly to the following screen.


etsy permissions

6. Scroll to the bottom of this screen and grant permission to Ordoro to access your Etsy account by clicking the “Allow Access” button


allow access

That’s it. This will take you back into the Ordoro screens. And you will see that Ordoro is automatically importing your products and orders from your Etsy account into your Ordoro account.


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