It’s easy to compare shipping rates across your shippers using Ordoro. Here’s how:

Ordoro v3

1. In the orders tab, select an order

2. In the label panel to the right, click on Carrier and select one from the dropdown

3. Click on Shipping Methods/Rates drop down to see the rates


4. To compare rates, simply select a different Carrier



Ordoro v2


1. In the shipments list page, click on the “Check shipping rates” link for one of your shipments.

shipping rates 1
2. In the Create Label dialog box that appears, you’ll notice our integrated Rate Check window to the right of the label creation options. As you change the box shape, dimensions, weight or advanced options of you’ll notice the rates update on the fly in the Rate Check window. You can also toggle between shippers by clicking on their logos to compare rates between USPS, UPS and Fedex.

shipping rates 2

3. Once you’ve found a rate you’re happy with, click on it in the Rate Check window and the label creation section will be updated with that shipping method.

shipping rates 3

4. In the Rate Check window, you may see an error at times (as shown below). If that happens, it means that the shipper does not accept all the parameters you have set for this shipment.

shipping rates 4

5. In this example, an oversized package with “Small Flat Rate Box” as the Box Shape is trying to have a label created for it. USPS does not allow this shipment and therefore and error is returned. To fix this, modify the package dimensions to something smaller (or choose a different shipping method) and, voila, the rates will show up again.

shipping rates 5

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