Yes! Ordoro will import Etsy variations SKUs into Ordoro and keep track of inventory per variation.

  • If you don’t know what “listing variations” mean, here is a support article from Etsy that discusses it in detail.
  • Etsy offers the Listing Variations feature so that you can have different options within the same listing (for example, different sizes and colors for a dress).
  • Buyers will need to choose from those options before they can complete their purchase of your item.
  • Each variation should be assigned its own unique SKU in Etsy. The SKU is Ordoro’s way of tracking inventory.

Etsy Variation Set Up:

In order for Ordoro to update inventory quantities to your Etsy variations, make sure to select the “Quantities vary for each <variation type selected>” option when setting up your variation SKUs in your Etsy account.

What will happen in Ordoro:

  • Ordoro will import the variations as their own SKU.
  • Example:
    • Ladybug Art has three variation SKUs set in Etsy.
      • SKU: ladybug_red
      • SKU: ladybug_white
      • SKU: ladybug_yellow

**NOTE**  If a custom SKU is NOT assigned in Etsy, Ordoro will import Etsy’s assigned product Offering ID.

Be aware of the following:

  • If you have previously created individual listings for product variations that exist in Ordoro, we will continue to sync inventory back to them.
  • If you added new variation SKUs to the product parent in Etsy, please make sure to archive the old single listing SKU in Ordoro to avoid inventory sync issues.
  • If you have previously created individual listings for product variations and have now used the same SKU as a variation under a parent product, make sure to deactivate the single listing on Etsy.
  • For variations with a quantity of zero, Ordoro will write that zero quantity back to Etsy, causing it to display as “SOLD OUT” in the Etsy cart
  • Due to a limitation in Etsy’s API, if the last variation is a quantity of zero, Ordoro will be unable to write a quantity of zero to the Etsy cart. (This is also true if the product is a single listing – no variations – Etsy’s API will not accept a quantity 0)