See the quick and easy steps below on how to connect your Amazon cart to Ordoro!


  • Before proceeding, log out of all Amazon accounts to ensure you’re adding the correct one.
  • If you are enrolled in an Amazon beta program or Amazon North America Remote Fulfillment (NARF), please contact our Support team. We can confirm if Ordoro is compatible.

How to add Amazon to Ordoro

1. Click on your Company Name -> Account Settings.

2. Navigate to the Sales Channels Settings from the menu on the left side of the page.

3. Select Add a sales channel

4. Choose Amazon from the dropdown options.

5. Click Add Sales Channel.

6. You’ll be redirected to the Amazon Seller Central login screen. Please log in to your account.

7. Check the box to allow Ordoro access to view and edit data related to your Selling Partner account.

8. Click Confirm.

9. Then you’ll be taken back to your Ordoro account. Ordoro will automatically import your Amazon orders and products.