Adding Amazon to your Ordoro account is easy. If you don’t have an Ordoro account yet, please sign up for one here. Start with Step 3. to set up your Amazon Cart.

If you already have an Ordoro account, then use the following steps to add Amazon to your Ordoro account.

1. Click on your business’ name on the top right hand corner and click Account Settings

2. Go to Sales Channels in the left-hand menu

3. Click on Add a Sales Channel 

4. Select Amazon  from the dropdown menu and click Add Sales Channel 


 5. This will take you to the Amazon Seller Central login screen. Please login into your account.

4.Amazon oAuth_Redirect to Login_Screen Shot

6. Accept the Amazon MWS License Agreement by clicking both checkboxes and click on next.


5.Amazon oAuth_Terms of Agreement_Screen Shot

7. Almost there… click on continue.

6.Amazon oAuth_Final_Screen Shot

That’s it. This will take you back to your Ordoro account. Ordoro will then automatically import your products and orders from your Amazon account into your Ordoro account.

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