Allocation runs manually in the Ordoro account:

When Allocation is run manually in the UI (the “Allocate” option is manually selected), an order line comment will always display. This includes even if the order is in the same Allocation status.

NOTE: For more information on how the Allocation feature works in Ordoro, please see this support article.

Allocation script runs on orders:

When the Allocation script runs on orders in the account, you will see the following behaviors:

  • the first time the script runs on an order, an order comment will display to show the Allocation status
  • future times:
    • if Allocation status is the same, no order comment will display
    • if Allocation is different, a new order comment will display showing the updated Allocation status

NOTE: The Allocation script is an optional script that can be applied to your account that runs in the background. Please reach out to for more information about the option.

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