Congratulations, you’ve successfully upgraded to Ordoro 3! Ready to get the most out of its accelerated workflow? Crack open these links for some pointers on the new features and workflow at your fingertips.

  1. Introducing Ordoro 3 
  2. Get to know the new navigation bar
  3. How to use the Ordoro 3 orders list page
  4. Shipping Presets
  5. Automation Rules
  6. New Dropshipping Work-Flows
  7. User Permissions
  8. Allocate warehouse inventory levels to certain carts only
  9. Easier manual order creation
  10. Cloning existing orders
  11. Multiple Packing List Profiles and More
  12. Bulk update shippers and shipping parameters
  13. Set default package dimensions for your products
  14. What will happen to the original order when I split it into separate orders?
  15. Print logo on label
  16. Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Shipping

Some important information to be aware of now that you’re using Ordoro 3:

  1. If you have a CUSTOM API integration then it may no longer work. An example of a custom API integration is when you’ve worked with a developer to connect to a cart that’s not already on our integrations list. Hence, you may need to update your current custom API integration for which you can find more information here. For more information on our open API capabilities, see this link.
  2. If you are a Pro customer and use DROPSHIPPING, the new workflow has changed to a fully automated version.  See this support article for more details.
  3. There is no longer an Orders vs. Shipments section. All New orders + In Process orders + Unshipped shipments will be combined into one ORDERS → Awaiting Fulfillment tab where you can directly fulfill and manage your orders.

If you’re experiencing any issues, please email us at

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