In Ordoro v2

There are several reasons orders remain in the “In Process” filter:

An order has been only partially shipped

The shipped order quantity was less than the ordered quantity. The order will remain in the In Process filter until you completed the shipment or adjusted the order quantities.

  1. Click on the Orders tab located in the green bar
  2. Click on the In Process filter
  3. Click on the Order ID (orange link)
  4. Click on the tab labeled Shipments
  5. Look in the “Qty in Shipment” column to verify all products have been shipped
  6. If there is a quantity 0 and you shipped the entire order already, change the quantity to the correct quantity shipped and refresh the page
  7. If the order has only been partially shipped and you’re ready to ship the outstanding items, create a new shipment, adjust the order quantities for the remaining products, and create a shipping label or mark the order as shipped
  8. In case you choose not to fulfill the remainder of the order, you can delete the line items from within the Items in order tab
  9. Once the order has been completely fulfilled or the quantity has been adjusted, your order will move into the Shipped filter

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 3.54.01 PM

An order has been dropshipped

A dropshipped order will remain in the In Process filter until you added a tracking number or marked the order as shipped.

  1.  To enter a tracking number
    • Click on the Orders tab located in the green bar
    • Click on the In Process filter
    • Click on the Order ID (orange link)
    • Click on the tab labeled Shipments
    • Click on the “Enter tracking number” option located on the right hand side
    • If your supplier provided a tracking number you can copy and paste the tracking number in the modal that appears
    • If you do not have a tracking number, you can enter any information you like.
    • You can also enter tracking numbers in batch via a csv data import. Check this link for more information.
    • Once the tracking number has been entered, the order will move into the Shipped filter
  2. Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 4.09.19 PMMark it as shipped
  • Click on the Shipments tab located in the green bar
  • Click on the Dropship filter
  • Select the checkbox located on the left hand side of the order
  • Select the “Mark As Shipped” option
  • Your order is now in your Shipped filter

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 4.27.18 PM

An order has been partially fulfilled by you and partially dropshipped

The order will remain the In Process filter waiting for either a tracking number or to be marked as ship.

  • Follow the same steps as in scenario one: Order was only partially shipped


In Ordoro v3

In v3, there is not an In Process tab. All orders will be in either the Awaiting Fulfillment state or the Dropshipment Requested state.

  • The orders in Awaiting Fulfillment are orders or split orders that have not yet had a label created for them.
  • The orders in Dropshipment Requested are orders that have been sent to your suppliers, but they have not yet provided tracking numbers for those orders.


To move orders from the Awaiting Fulfillment or Dropshipment Requested filters, you will need to:

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