When you try to create a purchase order for a sku, you may sometimes see the following error message –  “Unable to order more. Cannot create purchase order for kit parent”

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 11.33.22 AM

This error occurs if one of the skus you are trying to add to the purchase order is a parent sku in a kit:

  • When you construct a kit, the assumption is that you actually stock only the child skus in your warehouse. And the parent skus are created by mixing and matching the child skus in various ratios
  • In other words, the child skus in a kit are real skus. The parent kit skus are virtual skus (fictional entities created to make inventory management easier)
  • Since the parent skus are not real skus (you don’t stock them physically in your warehouse), it doesn’t make sense to purchase them from a supplier. You can only purchase child skus from a supplier
  • Therefore, Ordoro will not allow you to add a parent sku to a purchase order. If you try to add a parent sku to a purchase order, you will see the error message shown above



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