When do I get charged for a shipping label? When I create the label, or when I ship the package?

Different shipping companies have different methods of charging you for the shipping labels that you create through Ordoro. Here is how it works.


Fedex is the easiest in this regard. They don’t charge you while creating the label. They charge you only when you use that label to actually ship something. Your Fedex account gets charged when the Fedex agent scans that label on a shipment.

Note: When setting up your Ordoro account and creating test shipments be sure to use Fedex labels so you dont incur any charges.

Endicia (USPS)

Endicia uses a pre-paid method for charging you. You need to purchase postage in advance before you can create a USPS label. And as you create the labels, the postage cost of those labels gets deducted from your pre-paid balance. In other words, you get charged while you create the label. If you are not going to use that label for some reason, you should apply for a label refund with Endicia.


UPS charges you as soon as you create the label. In that regard, it is similar to how Endicia (USPS) works except that UPS does not require you to buy shipping credit in advance. If you are not using that label, then you should void that label directly in your UPS account.


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