Ordoro offers negotiated USPS rates for all users. This means that the rates you will pay for USPS postage will be equal to, or in many cases better than, the rates offered by other shipping apps!

For example, here is a breakdown of what it would cost you to ship a 5 lb 10x5x6 Priority Mail Parcel from Austin, TX to New York City, NY:

  • Retail: $22.70 – This is the rate that you would get if you go to your local post office.
  • Commercial Base (CBP): $20.40 – This is the rate that you would get through most online postage printing solutions like Endicia or Stamps.com.
  • Ordoro’s Negotiated Rates: $7.81 – That’s right, you will save over 66% from retail, and 62% from other web-based postage services that only offer Commercial Base discounts.

What packages qualify for Ordoro’s discounted rates?

It’s easy! All USPS Priority packages receive discounted rates versus the standard online rate. AND if the package weighs under 20lbs. and is less than 0.50 cubic feet it will qualify for the dimensional-weight discounted rates which are even lower.

Ordoro will automatically choose the lowest rate available for any package that qualifies for discounts.

What do I need to do to get these low rates?

If you are an Express or Pro customer, there is nothing you need to do, you are guaranteed these new rates when you sign up. If you are an Ordoro Starter customer, upgrade to Ordoro Express or Pro to start taking advantage of these rates.

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